Tuesday, 3 August 2010

AKDK 2113 Creative Agency


''We are happy to announce that your work the e-Creative Directory 2010/2011- guide on the best art and design graduates in the UK. was spotted by our talent scouts at the degree show and selected to be featured in
e-Creative will be launched in partnership with the London Design Festival and London Fashion week this September. "e-Creative" is an invitation-only project developed to provide professional industry, press & general public with the ultimate guide to London's best emerging creative talents across 10 disciplines. Your work will be featured amongst only 35-50 finalists selected from over 5000 graduated this year.''

This is a section of an email i received this email today.. all seems fantastic although there is a £65 registration fee which goes towards ''production, distribution and marketing costs.''

I was really pleased to open the email until i read the fee's section and so I'm not sure what to do now.. do i pay or do i let this one go?

To be quite honest i would love to be a part of this but i don't want to be ripped off.... advice please?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010



Only just up and running but i will be adding my best work to the website and treating it as more of a gallery, using my blog as the descriptive, and creative journey; This way you have the choice of either full fat or skimmed with regards to text and preliminary work.

There is still a lot to change with regards to design but please feel free to check it out if you're interested.

Im also in the midst of creating a new blog which i will fill with my new work from now on whcih will be the sister to my Inspired Productions website.

  • Also... More character design work is beginning to simmer and rest assured within the week some fresh work will officially begin that I will be able to post and report to the world.

  • Advocate art ... have now seen my JPEG's and want me to look through the paper work and then want to start trying to set up freelance work for me as soon as possible. There was mention of possibly having an interview of some kind to meet the people in charge of their freelance ''department'' but like everything else I will post in due course.

I must say to read the words, 'we love it' from a company that have just seen 12 jpegs of Burt, and who also have no obligation to be nice to me felt more than fantastic!

Thursday, 27 May 2010


His debut....

Friday, 21 May 2010

Initial silent edit of "BURT"

This is the silent version and very first edit of the final animation. You will notice a few alterations from the original pre vis, mainly the absence of Burt's wife.

It currently has no sound to allow me to see how i've cut the new aniamtion together, then i can lift my pre recorded sounds and lay them in their new places. There is a possibility that i will need to record some new sounds however, i have time allocated for this

There is a slight problem with one of the scenes, something that i managed to not notice until now, and that is the STALK scene, where Burt appears from the end of his desk before climbing on top of it. For some reason its flashing, which means a definite re render as its regarding the final gather in mental ray, but as its only 300 frames i should be able to get that done in the next couple of hours, annoying but not a massive problem.

(Once again uni PCs wont let me paste anything into blogger so you will have to follow this link )

I would also like to add that the colour quality is not correct in the youtube version. It appears much darker and low res following the link below, that the 'real thing.'


Thursday, 20 May 2010

Rendering completed

...well almost.

The final 100 frames are rendering now, they may have even finished, and i have composited all of the after effects scenes so they are now ''ready to go''.

I've pretty much got the order of my animation in, following closely what i had laid out in my pre vis, but i still need to add the final few frames.

I was going to post where i was this evening but when i worked on it all at uni today i was in CS5 and i have CS3 at home so it wont let me open what have, which is annoying. However, once Ive collected the final pieces tomorrow, i will definitely be able to post a silent version of my entire animation PRE-EDIT before 1pm tomorrow, then at least i know what to spend my weekend working on.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Some renders

Some initial cockpit renders. Just a simple mental ray batch render, no passes.

(Please consider that these clips go in between other clips so on their own they are totally out of context.)

New end imgination sequence

The dreaded end imagination sequence, cue evil theme tune...

I have been experimenting with several ways to attack this, and much to my annoyance have been animating and scrapping work for the past few days but as it stands what i am working with at the moment is visible on the link below. Once again blogger wont let me embed so you will have to watch via the link. The animation parts still need work but before i go any further with it and waste even more time i thought I'd post the progress.
There is one point i need to add about this, that i have only noticed since uploading it onto YouTube, and that is the two outside plane shots at the end of the sequence see the planes flying to the left of the screen and then Burt running to the right, so i will need to change the direction of the planes in order to make more visual sense out of this.

There will be smoke added (please see previous blog entry) over the final scene to blend out of this and into Burt on the RAF background in a way that allows you to see he's come out of his imagination.