Tuesday, 3 August 2010

AKDK 2113 Creative Agency


''We are happy to announce that your work the e-Creative Directory 2010/2011- guide on the best art and design graduates in the UK. was spotted by our talent scouts at the degree show and selected to be featured in
e-Creative will be launched in partnership with the London Design Festival and London Fashion week this September. "e-Creative" is an invitation-only project developed to provide professional industry, press & general public with the ultimate guide to London's best emerging creative talents across 10 disciplines. Your work will be featured amongst only 35-50 finalists selected from over 5000 graduated this year.''

This is a section of an email i received this email today.. all seems fantastic although there is a £65 registration fee which goes towards ''production, distribution and marketing costs.''

I was really pleased to open the email until i read the fee's section and so I'm not sure what to do now.. do i pay or do i let this one go?

To be quite honest i would love to be a part of this but i don't want to be ripped off.... advice please?


  1. Hey Heather,

    All I can suggest is that you do some research into this directory - the fee - yes, it changes things a little, because they're making money out of you and it's easy to be flattered into parting with your cash with no comeback. I suggest you tread carefully, but, on principle, there's not anything necessarily shonky about this offer; let me have a little snoop too.

  2. Okay - I've just taken a look and it's pretty legit; basically, it's like an online version of the New Designers event: remember that the University paid money to get a place there, so paying money to get exposure is normal. And, I'm guessing, like New Designers there's absolutely no guarantee that anything will come of it - BUT - to cite a cliche, you have to be 'in it to win it'... I'd have a ring round and see if any of the others have been 'handpicked by talent scouts' (this might be an overstatement on their part), and I definitely get to speak to one of their reps in person - to discuss copyright etc. and the precise terms of any agreement.

  3. Thank you Phil! will do - I'll let you know what i find out :)

  4. Well I can't tell you if they tried to contact me or not. I've had to just give up on that previous email address, the guy was responding to me, but now he isn't. I have no idea why, but he can't seem to fix the problem. So, for me, all the New Designers business cards handed out were a waste of time.

    The email you pasted here for me was a little hard to follow. It seems to jump randomly, it's not well written.

  5. Hi - sorry you dont know me but I've been googling the e-creative directory and our blog came up. I got the same email a few days saying the deadline was today. They also claimed to have been trying to get hold of me for a while before they managed it which seemed a bit weird. If they've set you a deadline of a few days time and also claimed to struggle to get hold of you i'd be suspicious. Someone else on twitter said their deadline was last friday. It all looks fairly genuine but the fact they want a bank transfer, and so much money makes me think it's likely to be a con.

  6. Thanks 'Chuggins', think im going to aviod this one then. I thought it was a bit strange to ask for that amount of money, i guess they can only take on 35-50 like they say but obviously not everyone is going to pay out for that so they'll keep sending emails until they've filled their quota or something like that.

    It's a shame cos it would be good exposure in the end - never mind. Thanks for the heads up tho :)

  7. ....If you dont mind me asking, what have you been studying at uni - mine is a CG course just wondering what field you're from?

  8. Hey Heather - I've sent you another email...

  9. Hi Heather,
    I found your blog when researching e-Creative afer getting the same e-mail (except another different deadline?!) and was thinking it all sounded a bit sus too to be honest, so I got in touch with ND and kindly they checked it out (another graduate had been in touch about it). They spoke to Sara from the company and Michael Knight from London Design Festival who support the venture, and they seemed to think it was legit. I was thinking that I might call the company myself and also try to get in touch with last year's e-creative designers and see if they thought it was a good experience?

  10. http://www.threadless.com/profile/1374060/Liz_Black/blogs



  11. Hi guys, I posted few links so you can see that e-Creative is legit and the launch party was so much fun. I was awarded e-Creative 2010/11 "Best Emerging Fashion Designer" and "Overall Winner" by AKDK 2113. Please visit my website if would like to have a look to my work